The Production

Bill checks the script while I prepare for a closeup. (Be sure to notice "Iron Man" Arash holding the microphone boom. That thing is heavy!)

(photo by Bruce Lee)
Going over details with Joe Greenan.

(photo by Bruce Lee)
Kerry Smith

(photo by Bruce Lee)
Getting a high shot.

(photo by Bruce Lee)
And some stills from the production:

Burt is is on a quest to rediscover his old home town.

Britney, out for a rollerblade, collides with Burt.
Britney reminds Burt of Audrey, his old crush from High School. He is amazed by her confidence and compares it to the painful shyness of his youth.
Suddenly a vision of Audrey magically appears, just as she looked when he last saw her in 1939.
She questions him about why he has returned.
With her help he is able to to let go of some troubling memories...
and rediscover the happy times of his youth.
Burt is happily reconnect to his past by this amazing moment ...
and returns to his present life with a fresh outlook.